About Me In This Personal Site

I am Jessmond Tenio, the founder of Best Successful Business Ideas Network Company or simply Besbin Co. I started this company and website on October 24, 2017 with a purpose to earn a real and significant income online. To make this happen, I have to provide quality services and proven profitable programs and ideas to help others start a successful business online and improve or get the desired results of their business that makes them earn a thousand or more dollars.  On this site, I only post articles about the ideas and online platform that I am actually using on my business because I want to show my site visitors that I do what I talk.

Currently, I am a branch manager of Aspac Rural Bank, a small but strong banking institution situated in Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu since I started with this institution on March 2008. Before I joined this banking institution, I have joined 2 banking institutions and 1 insurance company servicing variable life insurance. My banking career started with Far East Bank and Trust Co. from 1988 – 1990. In Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company from 1990 – 2007, and in Pru-Life UK  from Aug. 2007 – March 2008.

I started my formal education in Cebu City at the Collegio Dela Immaculada Concepcion De Cebu from 1975 – 1972 when I was 5 yrs. old. University of San Carlos from 1972 – 1976, Don Bosco Technical High School from 1976 – 1983 and then at University of San Carlos from 1983 – 1988 where I graduated college with a degree in Bachelor of Science with an Accounting Major. More than a month after I graduated on Oct. 1988, I was accepted as Loan Account Processor and Bookkeeper of Far East Bank and Trust Co.

My family is what driven me to build this website with dedication. My wife Elena and my children Joshua and Eliana are my inspiration and my motivation. They are my main reason why I want to earn more money with my online business, so that I could support them financially with their needs and provide future securities for my family. Also, my personal desire to escape the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). My salary cap is not enough to make me a good father of my children and a good provider to my wife and kids.

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We like to go travelling. My family and I have visited Hong Kong and some cities in the United States like Los Angeles, Orlando-Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Stockton, New York City, Washington D.C., Virginia, and New Jersey. The unused travel benefits of my wife from her company have helped a lot with our travel expenses. I also visited Canada when I attended the wedding celebration of my sister and visited my brother who are currently residing there. My travel to other countries with family was a fulfilling and happy moments experience and I want this to happen again in the future.

My hobbies are: going to malls, going to outlets, reading books and pdf’s, watching ballgames, and blogging. The sports that I have participated are basketball, ping pong, swimming, football, baseball, football table, tennis, bowling, and chess. Today, I am only active but not so much with chess, bowling, swimming. I still want to play the sports that I have participated and miss now, but due time constraints of working with this great opportunities that I published in Besbin or Best Successful Business Ideas Network to help others, I couldn’t. It turns out now, I want to help and show others more how to achieve time, money, and location freedom with their successful online business.

In Besbin or Best Successful Business Ideas Network, there are 2 business system opportunities that I have written and published already but there are more to come from time to time that will be helpful for my site visitors and followers. The first one is AIOP which stands for All-In-One-Profits. It is an online marketing system started by Isabel Capsuna and Ivan Von Greffen to help members start a business online with all the necessary tools they will need. AIOP is an all in one marketing systems with great compensation program for all active members.  This is the one that I am currently using to host my besbin website. The second one is JVZoo for the promotion of my other online affiliate business products.