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IM Freedom Workshop Review – Legitimate or Fraud?

besbin - im freedom workshopFirst of all, I want to thank you for taking some of your valuable time to read my IM freedom workshop review that will give you a better understanding whether this free live IM freedom workshop event program is legitimate or fraud. The facts that you will uncover from reading the report on this online journal will give you a better explanation why this product was created and as a result of the explanation, you will have an informed decision before taking part in this live event program that will literally transform your life and make it better.

The Company and Person Behind This

This live event program is organized by My Online Business Education (MOBE), or MOBE Ltd. with their main office at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Matt Lloyd, the CEO and founder, is the person behind this. Matthew Lloyd McPhee is the complete name of Matt Lloyd, the person who leads this business from Perth, Australia where he started his business in January 2012, from scratch.

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MOBE is a one-of-a-kind affiliate business platform that pays up to ninety-percent (90%) to all their active affiliates. It is paying $500,000 in commissions on an ordinary month. Simply this business is developed  around the principle that if your website generates more leads from its visitors, then the more income your website generates from affiliate marketing. It is launched out of utter disappointment by the founder himself when he found the absolute solution to making money online after repeated failures. Now, he is helping thousands of members worldwide make their dream lifestyles turn to reality.

This is a business education company serving to small entrepreneurs and business owners. Today, this company already generated an income of over $150 million with more than half of it at $75 million was paid out in total commissions to their active affiliates.

What is the Meaning of This Workshop

IM freedom workshop live event is absolutely FREE to anyone who wants to learn how to make a full-time income from a sustainable and profitable online business that gives them time, money, and location freedom. This is a two (2) hours long free workshop conducted on different countries from around the world on different dates, that covers:

  • How attendees can build freedom financially through utilizing the internet by promoting MOBE offers.
  • How to earn HUGE commissions of $1,250 … $3,300 … $5,500 just for bringing in leads by signing-up to a personalized lead capture forms. The MOBE team will take care of everything when leads sign-up and registers for the 21-step training program offer.
  • How to choose the right business blueprint that strongly influence your down lines.
  • Learn which product to choose with high profit margins.
  • Learn how to duplicate what top-earners in this industry are doing to produce high-end commissions.

Altogether, the attendees will find out and understand how to develop, expand, and intensify their business that will transform their lives and of the people who will be involved with their business. Once they realized that the results of the business they started are materializing, they will uncover that time, money, and location freedom is not a problem at all, but a thing of the past.

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What And What Not To Do

Be on time during the live event. You are encourage to listen attentively and take notes. Focus your mind to what the speaker will say, then write your questions after each topic that will be taken during the presentation. When the presentation is about to end, then raise your hand and ask the questions you have listed. There are 5 others in addition to the speaker present during the event. They are hand-chosen by Matt Lloyd from first-rated instructors who happens also to be top-rated affiliates that are eager and prepared to answer your questions. Just be polite.

You are not allowed to answer calls, so during the event you will be instructed to turn off your mobile phones. Also, you are not allowed to take photos and start an audible conversation with other attendees during the event.

What Others Have Said

Others have said that IM freedom workshop free live IM freedom workshop event is a fraud. There are people who complained to www.bbb.org (Better Business Bureau) that said, the company and its people that organized the workshop failed to live up to its financial commitment, goods paid and ordered were not delivered, and delayed on their refund issuance.

One of the complainant, a woman from Elsberry, Mo., reported to BBB  that the company guarantees big monetary profits if you buy their business offers, but if not, then it is hopeless to earn from them. She wanted immediate refund without going through circles from them.

Some people who attended these kind of events really didn’t fully understood what they have got themselves into. Probably, these people did not totally listened during this 2-hour workshop and ask questions to the speaker or his assistants before they filled out a registration form for the training program. Others who attended the event could be an active member of a competitor company that offers similar products, so they just complain to BBB to put MOBE company in a bad situation, that lowered their trust rating.

Are There Upsells

In any business, money is always involved for the business to thrive. The free live event IM freedom workshop is just a front end product of MOBE, Ltd. to inform all attendees about the products they are promoting.  The upsell in this free live event is their Home Business Summit (HBS). The upsell live event product is a 3-day event for serious business owners who wants to make big profits, that will cost them $497.

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Every speaker of the HBS are living a lucrative life already with their MOBE business. Each one of them have an experience to speak to all attendees about how they started with this business and how they became successful, during this event. They will let attendees understand the importance of targeted traffic and what sets the internet millionaires apart from the internet failures. Also, in this live event, all attendees will learn how to grow their businesses using the strategies each of the speakers are employing. So, if you are really serious with your business in making commissions such as $5,000 and $10,000 each sale, don’t miss this event. A separate registration form will be given to you after the free workshop, if you’re interested.

Free Bonuses

Attendees of the 2-hour IM Freedom Workshop, don’t just get the free seminar or the product orientation of MOBE. They also get the following for free:

  1. The “21-Steps Revolutionary Business Training System” valued at $49;
  2. Matt Lloyd’s best seller book “Limitless” valued at $39; and
  3. Access to “5 Free Reports” with priceless value.

My Opinion

MOBE Ltd. and its people that organized this free live event are not swindlers and fraudsters who are out there to victimized people. It is a legitimate company with law-abiding people who are helping small entrepreneurs and business owners start and build a thriving business that produces sustainable income for scaling up their business and to generate more profits.

Most complainers and naysayers are the types of people who fails in whatever business they joined because they want push-button profits or some kind of business programs out there that produces profits immediately. These types of business they’re looking are fairy tales because there are no such business that produces big profits right away.  Earning big profits online is not an overnight subject. It requires dedication and effort but with the MOBE system, 95% of the work is already done-for-you and you only require 5% effort to make your business grow.

If you have still doubts after reading my personal review, then watch the videos of the inspiring stories of active members who attended this zero-cost live MOBE event. Perhaps after watching them, you will have no second thoughts of attending this.

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