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Is Wifi Millionaire System Legit? – Honest Review

besbin - wifi millionaire systemThe Wifi Millionaire System is an alternative front-end product to start a profitable home business online created by Matt Lloyd, but is it legit? The information that you will read below is my unbiased honest review that I want to share about what makes this system popular. What you will know from reading this journal will give you an informed decision whether starting your business under the philosophy of the system explained and illustrated here is good for you or not.


What is Wifi Millionaire System?

Wifi Millionaire System is the brainchild of Matt Lloyd, the founder and CEO of MOBE (My Online Business Education). It is a proven option for anyone to earn a potential 5 to 6 figures monthly on autopilot with just 15 – 20 hrs. weekly, that will be personally spent to make this system work. This is indeed a business training platform for a profitable home business online that conforms to the 21-step training course with the intent of guiding small business entrepreneurs dramatically earn big commissions from high ticket affiliate product sales through internet marketing. Also, this is just another front-end product of MOBE that directs referrals to take the 21-step training.

Members of the wifi millionaire system are required to pay the one-time application fee of $49 to be eligible for the 21-step training. If the application will be rejected, the amount paid is refundable and if the applicants feel that this training is not for them, they can request refund before the 30-day money back guarantee expires. The training thoroughly explains to all trainees the importance and value of leveling up to earn higher rates at 50% for level upgrades and 90% for the digital products sold and also encourages them to take the upsells because it is the best and guaranteed way to earn high end commissions like $1,250 … $2,500 … $3,300 … $5,500 … $10,000 per sale to each personal referral. However, if the members wish to become an affiliate, they are required to pay the $19.95 monthly affiliate fee to earn the commissions from all the levels, but they have to be positioned at the highest levels which is the Diamond Consultant Level.  To achieve this level, you must joined the other four lower levels first starting from the lowest.

besbin - wifi millionaire system


The Hierarchy of Earning High-End Commissions

To start earning with this proven small business opportunity, referrals will begin at the standard affiliate level. Members in this level will earn 30% commissions from their personal referrals and all the products found in the MOBE marketplace for the digital products and events that are not sponsored by the higher levels such as the home business summit and the supercharged summit, etc. These products are mostly business and inspirational e-books with prices ranging from $15 to thousands of dollars. Monthly affiliate fee of $19.95 is required to be qualified to earn commissions.

The second level is the silver masterclass consultant level. This is the start of being a MOBE reseller licensed rights  (MRLR). At this level, affiliates will earn 50% for the silver masterclass only of $1.250 per sale and 90% for all the other products and events not covered by the masterclasses found in the MOBE marketplace. To be eligible to earn commissions under this level, affiliate must pay a one-time fee of $2,497 for the MRLR only. With this one-time pay, they will become a lifetime member under this level and received more coaching time than a standard affiliate. To earn commissions at this level, they still have to pay the monthly affiliate fee of $19.95.

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The next levels that earns high end commissions are gold masterclass, titanium mastermind, platinum mastermind, and the last level is the diamond mastermind. Each of these levels also earns 50% and 90% applied to the same products that are mentioned previously. They have higher entry fees for the MRLR to be eligible to earn commissions under these levels. Also each affiliate under these will pay $19.95 monthly fee, to be qualified to receive commissions.

Levels                                     MRLR Entry Fees                       Commissions

Gold Masterclass                $  4,997                                           $  2,500

Titanium Mastermind             9,997                                                3,300

Platinum Mastermind           16,667                                                5,500

Diamond Mastermind           29,997                                              10,000

High Priced and Low Priced Products

There are advantages and disadvantages of promoting high priced and low priced products:



  • you can reach goals faster.
  • give more values to clients.
  • production is valuable.
  • creates time and location freedom.
  • attracts repeat clients.
  • requires less efforts.


  • Cost to join is outrageous.



  • easy to sell.
  • more attractive to prospects.
  • production is low cost.
  • makes money faster.
  • it is affordable.


  • takes more time selling to reach goals.
  • product gives lesser value.
  • less avenues for repeat clients.

As you noticed, the advantages are higher and the disadvantages are lower for high-priced compared to low-priced products. The notion here is that, if you have a goal of $10,000, you only need 10 sales of products priced at $1,000 each, but for a low-priced products of $10 each, you need to sell 1,000 products to achieve your goal. So, it takes less efforts to sell products that are highly priced in this system. Selling high-priced product online guided with proven principles is the perfect way to start a profitable home business online.


To Be Productive

To be productive with the training the trainee must practice the 3 C’s of a successful business such as: (1) coachable; (2) consistency; and (3) communication. During the training sessions, the trainee must be coachable by being open to the instructions and suggestions of the coach that guides them to begin a successful business online; (2) there must be consistency in applying the instructions and the suggestions of the coach. And lastly, open communication must flow without difficulty between the coach and the trainee during the training session using skype (this is the method of communication used in the system). Other way to be productive if you are serious on building your wifi millionaire business is you should attend live webinars and live events conducted by MOBE’s top-sellers. Eventually, top-sellers that you will meet during live events can help you and give you advise how to kick-start your business but you have to be friendly with them too by simply being coachable when they start to talk to you.

You will learn also from the early stage of the training where to get your referral links also you will be taught how to promote those links in three ways. By cold advertising, by warm advertising, and by blogging. Cold and warm advertising are the easy ways to start generating commissions while you are still trying to complete the 21-steps. Blogging is the most effective because this method takes time by branding yourself on your own website. Under the last method, you have to buy your domain name and pay for the hosting services of your website to go live online.


My Opinion

In my opinion, the wifi millionaire system is not a scam. In fact, this is one of the legitimate program that I highly recommend for those who want to start a business with a strong foundation. The 21-step training that you will undergo in this program will give you an edge and a big advantage over your competitors. During the training, I suggest that you take the Silver Masterclass. It is at this level, that you are given more valuable time with your coach and the traffic mastery pro with 30-steps are also added to your training. I like also this business training program because all that I have to do is drive traffic to my referral links using my blog, custom capture page, and pop-up opt-in form on my blogs, and when my visitors signs up and registers for the training program, the MOBE phone team will take care with all the up-selling up to the certain level that I paid. 

If you read this journal up to this point, thank you so much for your time and effort. I would highly appreciate also for your feedback and comments that you will post in the reply box below. Have a great day!

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