The Profitable Way of Saving $11.50

profitable way of saving $11.50The profitable way of saving $11.50 shows how one can achieve financial freedom by saving money in your bank and investing some of it for business. It elaborates the comparison of how your money in the bank makes you money as against how much you can earn if you invest it in business on a monthly period. It also explains to you the way how to earn more passive income on a monthly basis, if you invest that same amount  in an affordable business that’s been around for almost 6 years. In the Philippines today, the country that I am residing, you can not earn much from six hundred nine pesos and 50 centavos (Php609.50) which is more or less equivalent to $11.50, if you are planning to save this amount monthly in the banking institutions here and in any other international banks out there.


profitable way of saving $11.50


There is nothing much valuable that you can buy or pay for with this savings you will have in the bank even one to two years or more when you start saving today. Everything that you see now that you like and want to buy is expensive, so it is wise to put some of your money for the business. You have to be careful though in investing your money in business, whether it is online business or offline.

The Comparison of Savings and Investing

Savings mean you put some of your money in the bank or in a safety container or piggy bank that you will  deposit later to your bank account. Investing means that you take some money from your piggy bank or savings account for the subscription of the business that you want to join online or for the startup capital if done offline.

Savings Investing
-you can withdraw your money anytime. -you cannot withdraw your money until the maturity date comes.
-lower risk (only when bank is insolvent). -higher risk.
-your principal deposit is safe. -you could lose the amount invested even when it’s purchased from the bank.
-interest earn is low fixed at 0.25 – 1.75% p.a. depending on the type of deposits. -income earned from commissions, profit sharing, dividends are usually from 10 – 100%.

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For Emergency Needs, Basic Needs, and Wealth Building

If you have plans of using the money for your emergency needs and basic needs, then it is good to allocate some of the money earned from your salary to the bank in the form of savings, current, and time deposits. But if you have plans for wealth building, to earn more monthly and annually residually, it is wise to use a portion of the money you saved for investing in mutual stocks, government treasury bills, blue chip stocks, or starting a business that can be done online and offline.  

Emergency needs are for the cost involved with: natural calamities; future accidents; and illness that are discovered later. Basic needs are cost involved with: food; clothing; shelter; electricity, phone bills, internet connection, and education. Emergency needs are unpredictable expenses which are burdensome to your budget and expensive when they arrive at your doorstep involving you and your family members.  The basic needs are predictable expenses because you have the firsthand information when to buy and pay for them.

Wealth building means that some of the money that are saved in the bank will be used for investing in a new business that will make your money grow and make you deposit more money in the bank. Don’t start your business by making a loan. It will just give you debts to pay. Start your business from the savings you have.

Why Do We Have to Save?

You have the wisdom, if you are well-informed about the value of savings because you have the answers of why do we have to save. The answers to this question gives us the adage that a “penny saved is a penny earned”.  The reasons for saving money are: to become self-sufficient monetarily; purchase discounted things in stores near your community when they are having sales; down payment for a new house; down payment for a new car; pay for debts; pay for yearly fees; and start a business, retire, and have a good life.

Is $11.50 Monthly Savings Enough for Business?

The kind of business that I am going to introduce here to you is enough to make your $11.50 monthly savings for business grow exponentially. Once, you join, you will earn $10 for every odd-numbered referrals (1, 3, 5, 7 to infinity) that you personally referred and those that are passed up to you. Those that are pass up to you are the even-numbered referrals (2, 4, 6, 8 to infinity) of your direct downlines that they pass up to you and the even-numbered referrals that are pass up to you by all the referrals that are pass up to you. The only downside is that you have to pass up your even-numbered personal referrals to your sponsor.

This business that I encourage you to join is AIOP (All-In-One Profits) marketing system and we have a great team (Money Machine Dream Team) which have one of the best campaigns with the potential to revolutionize your business into a monthly ATM cash cow savings machine.

My Conclusion

The purpose that I wrote this blog is to give good information to my readers how to save money and make more money with their savings. With a small amount of $11.50 monthly subscription for this business, you can earn 100’s to 1,000’s of US Dollars plus monthly. Most people fail online with their business because after they join and pay the subscription for their business monthly, they lose focus and don’t do something to make their business work.

My honest advice for you to be successful, is start your business from the money you have earned and not by making a loan. A loan gives you more debts to pay. Be consistent in saving money for all your needs including this business and give 100% focus and attention in writing good contents and promoting this business.

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