All In One Profits (AIOP) Review: My Beliefs

aiop blog thumbnailIn this All In One Profits Review or AIOP review for short, allow me to show you my beliefs about this online marketing system which is the alternative solution for entrepreneurs worldwide who wants to promote  their passion, talents, agenda and products, but have encountered difficulties in doing them because of the economic pressures they have struggled. This AIOP review covers 7 of my beliefs about: (1) what is it?; (2) who are the founders?; (3) the chance to earn profits faster; (4) what are the free products and services?; (5) why I like this?; (6) what I don’t like?; and lastly, (7) my point of view. This review will give you an informed decision before you buy this product for your business.

AIOP Beliefs and Pay Plan

What is it?

All In One Profits or AIOP is an affordable marketing system with a monthly subscription price of $11.50 for the standard member and $21.76 for the pro-member. The system is patterned to be an enigmatic program  comprising of a complete business system that supports their affiliates with autoresponder and hosting services, together with all the important web tools, products and services, written and video training materials, and supplied instructions of lawful advertising to protect them and the company from future legal issues.

aiop monthly cost and monthly commission

All In One Profits is not only dedicated in building the growth of their own business, but it is also continually committed in servicing the other businesses of affiliates which enables them to achieve the results they desired. Great ideas contributed from different teams are responsible also for  the success and stability of this business network. The marketing system itself presents a chance for everyone to improve the outcome of their business through using the tools of this system which includes not only the free educational products but also its free services. Any business you have whether it be sports, carpentry, arts, music, architecture, restaurant, fast foods, medicine, photography, religion, criminology, dental medical, car sales/dealership, banking, etc. can be promoted cost-effectively using the tools of this system’s technology.

Who are the founders?

aiop foundersThe founders of this online business technology are Isabela Capsuna and Jesus Johan Van Geffen. They are the owners who are also the founders and CEOs of this amazing  online business opportunity. The business system they created open its doors to the world wide web in 2012 but hardly any business entrepreneurs who advertised their ideas through the net have taken advantage of its benefits because of the lack of information.

Isabela Capsuna is the CEO/Co-Founder/Owner of AIOP since 2012 until today. She resides in Bazau County, Romania. From 1998 until present, she is the HR and Financial Counsellor in the Ministry of Labour – Social Security Agency – Bazau Branch in her hometown. Graduated at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest with a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and International Trading from 1979 to 1983. Studied in the Ministry of Labour with a Degree of Master in Human Resources from 2002 to 2003.

Jesus Johan Van Geffen is also the CEO/Co-Founder/Owner but there’s not much information about him that is available. He is however from Netherland.

The chance to earn profits faster

The chance to earn profits in this is high, but you are not going to make thousands of dollars when you start promoting this program. You have to work for it with focus and persistence in doing the instructions that is said to you in the campaign (Money Machine Dream Team) of the training. With 1 active paying referral in your downline (pass-ups excluded) who pays the monthly subscription, you breakeven with the cost of $10 except for the $1.50 processing fee. With 2 referrals in your downline, you begin earning profits. So to earn profits faster, you just have to follow the training of the team in their facebook community that will be emailed to you, once we confirm your payment of the subscription.

Pass-ups are the referrals of your direct downline that are pass-up to you. Sounds puzzling, right? Here’s how the compensation plan (even-up system) works for all active members who consistently paid the monthly subscription:

aiop compensation plan

  • All people you invited to join through your personal referral link become your leads. They automatedly start receiving your campaign’s emails through your autoresponder.
  • When they click the join link in one of your automated emails, then register and paid the monthly subscription of $11.50, they become now your active referrals but not all of them is in your downline. You send them a “welcome letter” with a ready-made letter from the campaign giving them a link of our team’s facebook community.
  • Only the odd numbered (1, 3, 5, 7 … to infinity) active paying referrals you directly referred will be in your downline. You’ll receive $10 from each of them monthly. The even-numbered (2, 4, 6, 8 … to infinity) you personally invited and paid the monthly subscription, will go to your sponsor.
  • There’s no limit as to how much commissions you will receive and this can be withdrawn anytime using your PayoneerStandard Trust Pay, or ePayment  payment processors’ account.
  • The magic begins when your downlines (direct and pass-ups) successfully refers someone to join because their infinite even referrals goes to you. You will earn $10 each monthly also from all your pass-ups. To make this possible, just send the “welcome letter” to your downlines (direct and pass-ups) that have the link for the team’s facebook group because it has the PDF files and videos of how to set-up your campaign in your autoresponder, and where to promote this. So you get the potential now of earning $10,000 plus monthly passive commissions, if you follow the instructions of the team.

What are the free products and services?

The free products and services are:

(For Standard Members)

–   Autoresponder –   1 Rotator with unlimited URL’s
–   Splash/lead capture page builder –   Tutorial videos (basics)
–   10 Trackers –   Starters training
–   Advertising coop –   1 Banner Ad & 1 Text Ad
–   Downline builder –   Hosting with 500MB diskspace and 5GB bandwidth  per month.
–   E-Library and downloads

(For Pro Members)

–   Basic and bonus package included –   Extended hosting with 1GB diskspace and 10GB bandwith per month
–   Extra 1GB space and 10GB bandwidth for $1 –   Create shared autoresponder campaigns
–   Drag and drop page builder –   20 trackers
–   2 Rotators with unlimited urls –   Extended video tutorials

Why I like this?

  1. It is a reliable autoresponder and business system – it has been around since 2012 and if you have any concerns that requires support the owners and CEOs will reply to you directly.
  1. It is not a get-rich quick scheme business – I have a bad experience with some of them before not making me earned enough to recover my investment and expenses, and they all fell apart before I knew it. This is not one of them.
  1. Uncomplicated team building and sharing of campaigns – I happen to be a member of a worthwhile and compelling team. All I have to do is follow their wisdom to be profitable with this, and my other businesses.
  1. Request for commission payment is quick – from any company that I am involved before, this one has the quickest payment of my commission. Usually, less than 48 hours after I requested for it.
  1. It is inexpensive – this didn’t cost me a fortune to begin my own business using the 100% free products and services with only an $11.50 monthly subscription (inclusive of $1.50 processing fee).
  1. Their mission to make the world a better place to live – I am inspired when I read that they are involved in some charities. Knowing this that some part of my investment goes to the table of people who are poverty-stricken.
  • Security – this company do more than what is required in protecting your hard-earned commissions. They oversee that the commissions you earn will be what you get.

What I don’t like?

  1. The graphic design of their back-office is simple and there was only one change that happen since I became a pro-member when I started using and promoting this business system.
  1. The hosting services which is only 500 MB disk space and 5 GB band- width is not enough if your blog and visitors grows but enough for you to  create 300+ lead capture pages or with just few blogs. You have to be a pro-member if you’re blogging consistently.

My Point of View

This is not a scam. AIOP is a real and legitimate marketing system that provides all the important tools required to improve the results of your business or when starting to build a legitimate business online. You can start your business online using this, even if you are a starter. This comes with free autoresponder and hosting so it is also economical, because you don’t have to pay them separately.

Personal branding of yourself identifies your honesty and character online, but it depends on how you use and explain the products you promote and how they work. The free hosted WordPress of this marketing system will give you that opportunity.

If you want to join AIOP, you can sign-up now by clicking the join button below. By joining, you will become a member also of Money Machine Dream Team. You will directly received a welcome email from me with the link of our team’s facebook group with PDF files that contains simple instructions for setting up your campaign for this team that effectively promotes AIOP.

aiop join button

If you want more information about this team and be a laptop lifestyle marketer, just submit your name and email address at the link below. Just ensure, that you confirm your subscription to get instant access to the video showing how this team works for your benefit by earning 100% commissions faster on your downlines of your AIOP business.

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